Can’t find your items in Google Product Search. Why ?

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Earlier their was only one Google portal to sell your products that was Froogle. Then, Google introducded Google base and changed the of Froogle to Google Product Search.

If you can’t find out your items or some of your items in Google product search. They might be listed in Google base. There are few reason behind this and they are as follows:

product_type: Product type indicate the category of your product. This field is very important to include in your feed. Otherwise, Your products will be listed in Google base not Google Product Search.

price : Price is another field you should include in your feed.


location : Location is the last important field you should not forget to include in your feed. It indicate

 If your products are not listed on both, check for errors in your feed.

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FTP upload – Google base

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If your file .txt or any other extension file is above than 20 MB of space. It would be good to upload using FTP (File transfer protocol). After you prepare your feed check the size of the file. You get your FTP login and password will be distinct from Google acccount Login and Password. Many people face problem while uploading their file from browser. It would better to upload from FTP account. Just transfer the file to your FTP account. Wait untill the process doesn’t complete. It may take time if your file is heavy. have patience for profits.



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Posting products

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Now the way of listing on Google products (previously known as Froogle) has become quite different. If you have a single product to sell. It is very easy , select Post one at a time. But if you are a bulk seller. You require to develop a feed before you list all your products. For this you have to assure about the format of Google products feed. Now things have been changed to develop a Google product feed. It depend what you going to sell online .

If you are selling a houses, your feed would be like this :

or If want to list number of events to invite people and attend it:



Personal seeking people:







Google Products - Posting a product 

Rss formats are also available to generate your feed for all those categories. You can find more infomation on Google support .

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Froogle to Google product search

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Hi friends,

Google made hurried changes in its service . Specially in Froogle whose name has been changed to Froogle Service Group. I gave great support to lots of members on Froogle. Then Google introduced Google base integrating Google base with Froogle. I don’t think so it worked much . I now reactivating this blog again after a long time . I will soon come up new tricks and tips for Google product search members. So stay tune with Froogle Service Group or F.S.G or Google product support service group. You can name it as you like. Because my mission is just to support with quality service.
Group where you can join :


Froogle Service Group
Google product search support service


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Froogle Changes – Base uploads

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Hello Members,
There are some changes brought in Froogle Merchant account .To upload
your feed structure you need to login at
.After you login Click your store name .You can easily upload your feed
. Click browse button select your feed and upload .

Bulk or heavy file Upload.
To upload heavy file above 10 MB (mega bytes) size . Create a add new
network place at My network place. Select “Choose another network
location” .Enter network address . Next >>>
Enter your Username . Click Next and Finsh .

Login to your Google Upload account with same username and password .
Upload your heavy Feeds .

Thank you

Your sincerely
Froogle Service Group team

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Google Base Beta . Upload bulk files

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Now sell your items using Google Base Beta .
What is Google Base Beta ? Google Base is a place where you can easily submit all types of online and offline content, which we’ll make searchable on Google (if your content isn’t online yet, Google Base will put it there). You can describe any item you post with attributes, which will help people find it when they do related searches. In fact, based on your items’ relevance, users may find them in their results for searches on Froogle, Google Maps and even our main Google web search.
To know more about Google Base Beta Visit :

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Remark Froogle Service Group support

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Hello members,
We would like to now your comments regarding our free support for Froogle Merchants .
How much you like our support.

Froogle Service Group has tried its best to provide you excellent support .However, this support is not under Froogle officials .Still we are providing you secure and targeted support.
Hope you like our support. Please comment on our performance at this post …

Thank you
Froogle Service Group team

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The store URL is already in use (Froogle)

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Store already in use (thread)

Hello Mike, Welcome to Froogle Service Group .
What is “The store URL is already in use”? This message is displayed when you attempt to register a new feed using a URL that is already registered to another Froogle Merchant Center account.
Wait till the feed expires & Upload your feed again (wait for 1 – 2 days).Still having problems contact Froogle>.
Question From : Message by Mike
———- Forwarded message ———- >

From: “Mike” >

To: “froogle service group”

Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 09:33:00 -0800

Subject: My Store has disappeared. HELP!!!
My store has been reset on the administration side. It is acting like I > have never set it up. My listings are still online, but I can not > upload updates. I tried to recreate the Feed but it says that this URL > is already in use… HELP!!!!

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FTP / upload issues Froogle

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Ftp upload issues
From: “Froogle service
Date: Jan 19, 2006 1:20 AM
Subject: Re: FTP / upload issues
Hello Gatheringground, If you have a feed file above 10 MB .Then it is necessary to upload your feed using .Add a new network place (my network place wizard) at *my network place *(it show shortcut to ftp sites, web sites and network computers)* *. Type the network path .Once you add your network . You login to your ftp account and upload feeds . Or Just type in your brower and press go .It will also take you to froogle ftp account. But it depends on the security level of your brower .It may not allow you to open ftp if security level is high .In such case follow the above method. Hope you like our support service . We like to inform you that we are not froogle officials. But we promise for quality support . Our group is secure against spam . Thank you Your sincerely Froogle Service Group team

Message from our group member On 1/18/06,

Web Support wrote:

Ok, you’re telling me to upload via the Merchant Center when it clearly > states that any files over 10M need to be FTP’d to the server. My file > is 14M. I tried uploading a file to the server using the method you > described, and it immediately times out and gives me a “page cannot be displayed” error. (Cannot find server or DNS Error) I tried uploading > via FTP and my upload was interrupted so now I have a partial file out > there and I can’t over write it. Please help me.

F.S.G wrote:
Hello GatheringGround
Now ! you can easily upload your feeds from your froogle account login to > >your froogle account at .After you login click the store name whose feed you need to upload . After you click the store name .Click the file name you need to upload . > >Example your file name is triimart.txt On the next page you will receive an option to upload your feed .browse ,
> >select and upload . > >We have posted all matters regarding uploading . > >Just type the keyword you need information about like “upload” & “Ftp” > type > >upload and search in froogle service group. (search this group)
> >Please support us visiting > > Thank you > >Your sincerely > >Froogle Service Group team

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What is a business listings feed ?

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A business feed is a text file you upload to our system in order to add, edit, or delete information about your physical business location(s). You can create this file using any spreadsheet or text editor program.
With a business feed, you can manage changes to multiple listings all at once. Submitting a business feed is simple, convenient, and free.
For specific formatting and content instructions, Visit
Please note that any changes you submit via business feeds will appear on Google Local within 6 weeks.
Supported by

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